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JHF team and staff of Primary Healthcare Centre Dutse Apo Community

Reasons To Support And Improve Health In Rural Communities :Rural Health Matters.

  1. Equity and Access to Healthcare: Rural communities often face unique challenges in accessing quality healthcare services. Geographic distance, limited healthcare infrastructure, and shortages of healthcare professionals can create barriers to healthcare access. Supporting and improving health in rural communities ensures that all individuals, regardless of their location, have equitable access to essential healthcare services and can receive timely medical attention when needed. Julie Helping Hands Foundation is doing so much in her little way to reach out to Rural communities in Nigeria and gives her support to these communities by fixing water outlets, and supporting maternal health. This foundation has being working in the outlet village in the North central of Nigeria, named Kpaduma Villagehttps://jhfoundationng.org/donate . We have being so particular about Rural hygiene because they are large and are the majority of workforce in the urbans.

2. Improved Health Outcomes: By investing in rural healthcare, we can improve health outcomes and overall well-being in these communities. Accessible healthcare services, preventive care, and early intervention can help diagnose and treat diseases at earlier stages, reducing the risk of complications and improving prognosis. Adequate healthcare in rural areas can lead to better management of chronic conditions, decreased mortality rates, and increased life expectancy.

3. Economic Development: A healthy rural population is vital for economic development. When individuals in rural areas have good health, they are more likely to participate actively in the workforce, contributing to local economies. Healthy communities attract businesses, industries, and investments, leading to job creation and improved living standards. Investing in rural health not only benefits the individuals directly but also fosters sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

4. Retention of Talent and Professionals: Enhancing healthcare services in rural communities helps attract and retain healthcare professionals. Many rural areas struggle with a shortage of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. By offering quality healthcare facilities and support systems, rural communities can create an environment that attracts healthcare professionals to work and live in these areas. Retaining skilled professionals ensures continuity of care, improves access to specialized services, and strengthens the overall healthcare infrastructure.

5.Community Well-being and Social Fabric: Health is a crucial component of community well-being and social fabric. When individuals in rural areas are healthier, they are more likely to actively engage in community activities, education, and local governance. Improved health outcomes contribute to a sense of pride, belonging, and social cohesion within rural communities. Healthy individuals are also better equipped to care for their families, support their neighbors, and actively participate in community development initiatives.

6. Health Disparities and Social Justice: Addressing health disparities in rural communities is an essential step toward achieving social justice. Rural areas often face higher rates of poverty, limited access to nutritious food, environmental challenges, and higher prevalence of certain health conditions. By supporting and improving health in rural communities, we can work towards narrowing the gap in health outcomes between rural and urban populations, promoting fairness, and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to lead a healthy life.


Supporting and improving health in rural communities is crucial for promoting equity, economic development, community well-being, and social justice. By ensuring equitable access to healthcare services, investing in healthcare infrastructure, attracting healthcare professionals, and addressing health disparities, we can build healthier and more vibrant rural communities. By prioritizing rural health, we not only improve the lives of individuals but also contribute to the overall prosperity and sustainability of our society.

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