About Us

We are a non-profitable Nigeria-based organization providing support to women and children all around Nigeria.

5 Years in Action

JHF aims at renovating more  rural community primary and secondary schools which are often dilapidated, donating of digital devices and learning materials to enhance learning conditions, outcomes and encourage drop-outs return to school. 

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Access to quality primary and secondary school education with a focus on the girl child will enable Sustainable Development Goal 4 to be achieved . When children can learn, they can earn a good living and break the cycle of poverty .

Our Plan

All donations will go to support 3 main problems: food, education, health. Our project is focused on equipping and empowering of women and children in Nigeria more than 5 years and we’ve achieved great successes.


Spread the word about our program. Even a small donation will make a huge difference.

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To pragmatically facilitate the provision of quality health, quality education, skill acquisition and training for women, girls and children, complemented with life-enhancing infrastructures and social amenities towards improved lifestyles for the Less Privileged in sub-urban and Rural Communities.


To be a leading solution provider, committed to service delivery, towards enhancing both health and social well being of the Less Privileged especially women, girls and children in sub-urban and Rural Communities.

Who We Are

At Julie Helping Hands Foundation we provide welfare services to underprivileged women, girls and children in Nigeria. We believe that they are the most vulnerable groups so we work to improve their access to health care, education, feeding and business empowerment to promote better living conditions. Our mission is to empower groups to live above poverty.


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