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Thematic Areas


Notwithstanding the substantial progress on education access and participation in the past years, 262 million children and youth aged 6 to 17 were still out of school in 2017. In addition, over 50% of children and adolescents are not meeting least proficiency standards in reading and mathematics.
In Nigeria, though elementary education is officially free and compulsory, about 10.5 million of the country’s children aged 5-14 years are not in school.
Only 61 percent of 6-11 year-olds regularly attend primary school. According to research, majority of the problems are seen in rural areas. The rural areas are deprived and neglected with collapsing and dilapidated so called school structures surrounded by bushes which are housing all sorts of reptiles and rodents.
Fast technological changes present opportunities, but the learning environment, the capacities of teachers and the quality of education are awful in Nigeria rural communities.
Refocused efforts are required to improve learning outcomes for the full life cycle, especially for women, girls and marginalized people in vulnerable/rural settings.