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About Us


About JHF

JULIE HELPING HANDS FOUNDATION (JHF) is a Non-For-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization established with a commitment to provide exceptional solutions for improved well being of the lives of the Less Privileged and Rural Communities.



To pragmatically facilitate the provision of quality health, quality education, skill acquisition and training for women, girls and children, complemented with life-enhancing infrastructures and social amenities towards improved lifestyles for the Less Privileged in sub-urban and Rural Communities.



To be a leading solution provider, committed to service delivery, towards enhancing both health and social well being of the Less Privileged especially women, girls and children in sub-urban and Rural Communities.

Brief History of the Founder

Juliet is from Umu-nevu in Umu-olo Idi Opi of Nsukka local Government Area, Enugu state Nigeria. She came from a poor family where in those days eating three square meals was a big challenge. Her parents were poor farmers with six children, and as a young girl what her parents were interested in is to give her out in marriage to any man that comes around, not minding what future holds for her as regards education. She did her primary education in Umu-olo Primary School with very little financial support from her parents. Throughout her primary school years, no footwear as she went to school bare-footed, struggled through secondary education at Community Girls' Secondary School Isi-enu Nsukka. She could not afford boarding fees, hence, was a day student sleeping on ordinary metal frame student bed.

Juliet entered University of Benin Edo State Nigeria, where she studied Pharmacy. This was where she met her husband in 300 Level and financial struggle ended because her husband supported her in all ramifications.

Because Juliet has determined to stand tall and be a source of encouragement to girls, ladies and women in future, she took risk climbing economic trees in the nearby bushes and forest, plucking and picking kernels, oil bean nuts, cashew nuts, breaking fire wood- she was selling those items on Afor day (the local market day) of Opi town. The proceeds she was using to take care of herself and her Education.

Although Juliet is a successful Pharmacist with a good job, living happily and comfortably with her husband- a union blessed with beautiful and handsome children, she has not forgotten the experience she had during her primary and secondary school days.

Knowing that it was not really easy for her during those days, and up till now there are so many children, teenagers especially the vulnerable (girls and women) who are less privileged that are even going through worse conditions. Though Juliet has been helping as much as she can, has seen that she alone cannot do much to salvage these group of individuals, She decided to establish JULIE HELPING HANDS FOUNDATION through which she can get support from individuals, National and International organizations to help the less privileged especially children, girls and women in areas of Health promotion, Education, Training and Empowerment and above all community infrastructural development as a result of passion she has for humanity.

Oil bean Nuts.
Palm kernels.
One of the bushes where she climbed cashew tree to pluck and pick the nuts.
Palm tree with the bunch from where you get palm kernel nuts.
That was her family house. Thank God for this orange tree in her family as it mostly served as major food and medicine for the family.